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Church of God is a non denominational spiritual wellness center. We welcome everyone irrespective of any barrier, especially those who seek. People who are searching for answers, searching for peace, searching for growth, people who seek for advice, those that seek for miracles, those that search for blessings, those that seek for a long time relationship, people who search for a family and friends, seekers are welcome.


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We meet every Sunday at the Church of God KMCT Worship center. Join us in one of our two services - 8:00 AM in Kannada or 9:30 AM in Tamil.

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Church of God KMCT is proud to be a community that involves in multiple ministries in different realms all across the globe. Irrespective of age, gender, social status or any other criteria, the Church has been an instrument of God's love towards all people. 


Get to know our community, our pastors and our church administrators and staff who help run the church. 

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Reflect the generous nature of God by giving your time or resources. Volunteer with us or consider giving to support the Church to serve it's people and those across the world.

Church YouTube

Our YouTube channel connects you to a variety of resources, including sermons, events, images, music and more.

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