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Kids are a gift from God and therefore they should be treated like gifts: with love and care.

We, in church of God look at Kids in a completely different view, unlike the adults, the nurturing and care that should be devoted to the children is unique. Just like the adults get to know Christ and learn from the Bible, kids also get to learn and grow in the Bible with age appropriation and fun in mind.

Sunday School


Our primary way to equip kids in their development and growth, mainly in spirituality and personality is carried out here. Every Sunday, trained teachers meet with the kids according to the language and conduct classes to them. Unlike a typical classroom, we utilize a lot of creative materials and in-hand methodology to keep the children interested and attentive; all aiming at achieving the goal of helping them grow in Jesus. The most unique thing about Church of God Sunday School is that every kid is given complete attention and special care, and therefore not a kid would be missed.

Church Sunday School timings:

Kannada service: 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Tamil Service: 10:15 AM to 12:00 PM


Kids Night

As the month of October starts to lurk around the corner, the church starts seeing the Sunday school department beginning to show the excitement and happiness of the Christmas cheer. This is because one particular night is allotted for the kids to showcase their talent to a large group of church members. Its aptly named as the "Kids night." Many choreography & dance performances, remarkable and thought provoking drama's and skits and finally unique programs is showcased every year. This program officially begins the journey towards the most joyful day of the year: Christmas.


Who doesn't love a trip? Definitely kids do.

Once in every year, the kids get to go out with the church kids to a trip in the city of Bangalore. Of course, adults will accompany them. The only aim is to let the kids have fun playing games and learning different things. Let's not rob our children's childhood. They are so into mobile phones and tablets that they have forgotten how it feels to be outside and play once in a while. Therefore the church takes responsibility to see that kids get to have their fun time.


Church of God, Nethravathi Tent Road, After Shyam Ambika Apts, Yelechanahalli, Bangalore-560 078

Sundays 7:00 to 12:00 (2 Services)