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Unlike any other church, we just don't consider ourselves as a community or a family, but we are a growth center. Spirituality is key in one's life and should be developed along with other areas of life. Growth in your career, growth in your relationships and growth in yourself is important; along with these, growth in your faith is also important. This is called as holistic development. We as a church will not only be your companion but will be your partners in your journey of life.

Don't hesitate to join us.

Date: All Sundays

Services: 3 (English, Kannada and Tamil)         

Time: 7:00 AM (Eng) 8:30 AM (Kan) 10:00 AM (Tam)

You can also join our church remotely: Live on our YouTube Channel

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Church of God, Nethravathi Tent Road, After Shyam Ambika Apts, Yelechanahalli, Bangalore-560 078

Sundays 7:00 to 12:00 (2 Services)