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5 Tips for Families to Follow

Updated: May 31, 2021

Here are ways that can change the dimensions of any family, tips that can get each member of the family to come closer to God, bond stronger to each other and grow together.

Change your Morning Schedule

Have you ever noticed that the first thing we do in the morning as soon as we wake up, even before we've opened our eyes is to locate our mobile phones. Our hands become a search engine as we engulf in our first task: scrolling through Facebook posts, liking Instagram pictures and reading WhatsApp messages. Social media intake will only make us anxious and lazy. Instead of this unnecessary duty, let's focus on starting our day with God. A thanksgiving prayer for a new day, a morning meditation from the Bible or listening to a Christian song that bring peace to our soul: making us ready to face the day.

Prioritize Evening Family Prayer

It is advised by many that there are numerous reasons to follow the habit of family prayer before we go to sleep. It is the time where every available member of the family comes together, to sing, to meditate and to thank God for his lessons he taught us throughout the day. It is the time to retrospect on the experiences that God has helped us acquire through the course of our daily journey. However, many of us neglect this important component of life but rather be involved in other mere things. Learn to make it habit by allotting a particular time for family prayer and not be distracted by redundant things especially during that time.

Stay Away from Debt

Debt is an issue that many go through in life. Countries are in debt, rich people are in debt, poor people are in debt: in a study conducted by National Sample Survey Office's 70th round, it is found that the out of all the states in India, more than half of every households in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are in debt and more than half of Kerala and Karnataka households have outstanding loans. This goes to prove how much debt is a necessary evil in our society. Debt pressurizes people, debt ruins families, debt becomes a hindrance for growth in our lives. Families that know how to take control over their finances know how to take control on their lives. As a practical tip, let's try to payback any outstanding debt in our lives and promise ourselves to stay away from taking anymore of it as much as possible.

Share Love

Family is not just a group of individuals living together but a group of people that are connected to each other by an imaginary cord called Love. After commanding people to love God with all their heart, soul and mind, Jesus continues to teach by asking everyone to love your neighbor as you would love your self (Matthew 22:37-39). Since Jesus is the epitome of love, we can understand the reason behind why he stresses on Love. Love brings peace, Love settles down conflicts, love connects people, love takes care of the weak, love carries the pain of others. All these qualities are needed for a stable society, even more to a stable family. Let love reign in the midst of our families, even while we are crossing a meadow or a raging sea.

Believe in your future

Cornelia Arnolda Johanna (Corrie ten Boom) once said "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." It is true that none of us know what exactly the future holds for us. Therefore, many of us try to predict the future with our present situation as the foundation. It is humane to believe that our future is going to be bad if we were going through bad situations in our present. However from today, let's believe in this phrase: the future is not defined by our present especially when our future is safely being shaped by God.

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