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"Youngsters are the deciders."

Young people have the tendency to impressed in seconds and their attention capability is fragile like a flower. However, this only makes them even more special . In Church of God, Young ones are not just another group of kids, but unique adults with unique experiences. Special care and concern is taken to see every young adult grows in Jesus and matures as a Christian.

YPF Meet

Sunday Services are not enough for this dynamic young people. This is why Church of God has a special meeting called the Y.P.F (YOUNG, PASSIONATE & FUN) meetings that are held once every month. Here, they get to be their own self, without the hesitation of preying eyes of adults. They talk, discuss and have some fun before they end their meeting. 

Join us to know more.

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Being mindful of the way young people's mind work, Church of God has a regular special meeting that is conducted aiming at making these young people mature; both mentally and emotionally. The special guest is always an experienced person in the field of Christian Counseling and Christian Ethics.


C.R.E.W is the favorite part of our young adult members. C.R.E.W is a program where life lessons are taught by using an age old methodology: FUN.

They are taken to different places for trips and excursions wherein they are made to play games and spend quality time: as well as learn lessons useful for their holistic growth.


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